Made with Xara Creative Although we incorporate traditional Jewish prayers and rituals into our services, we also love new and creative approaches that shake us out of our habitual ways, and thus deepen our spitual experience.      Radically Inclusive Egalitarian Our Values More from the Havurah on inclusivity Our statement on interfaith partnerships We do not assume that God has a gender, a color, a sexual orientation, or a nationality.  Our services use inclusive language and images.  They include English, Hebrew, and transliteration, so that everyone can feel included and participate.  Everyone of all genders, belief systems, backgrounds, and levels of knowledge about Judaism are encouraged to join us in all of our traditions, including reading from the Torah. We go beyond what other congre- gations call inclusive, not just tolerating but delighting in the presence and participation at every level of everyone who wishes to join us.  We strive to actively support interfaith partnerships.  We won’t ask for your Jewish credentials or your religious identity.  We believe that we are all worthy, and that what unites us is more powerful and important than what differentiates us.  What we do at the Havurah is definitively Jewish.  It is also inclusive.  For some people, that’s just too radical.  For us, it’s why the Havurah feels like home. © Chico Havurah 2012